Nov 24, 2012

something new

Two days ago I went to Sephora. I just wanted to take a look at the Christmas packages. It turns out they have some great offers, so I couldn't walk away empty-handed. No, I had to buy it: the long, pretty lashes set from Clinique.
 It contains the High-lengths mascara (7 ml), a mini cream shaper for eyes(1.1 g) and a mini-size of the All about eyes serum De-puffing eye massage, all in a small cosmetic bag. The price was ok: about 25 Euros, and the products are great. I was looking for a mascara that would make my lashes longer, but wouldn't feel to heavy to wear. I found it! It's great, though seeing the brush at first, I wasn't so convinced. But it really does a great job and it's really to use. I would definitely recommend it.
The eye pencil is also good, soft, so easy to apply, and it stays put for at least 8 hours, at least in my case. 
About the serum I don't have so much to say, because it's a treatment for under-eye bags and I don't really have them, but as far as I can tell, it's cooling and refreshing.
And last, the cosmetic bag. It's not "to die for", it's made of 100% nylon, but at least it's small and fits almost every handbag and has a neon color, so it's easy to see in the chaos of my bag. :)
All in all, I'm more than satisfied with what I got for this price, especially with the mascara, a new crush, and hopefully, a long-lasting love.
So tell me, have you ever tried one of these products? What do you think about them?
Or if not, what good products have you recently discovered? 

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  1. these products look really nice.. :*