Dec 7, 2012

Simplicity part II


                                            1. coat, 2. gloves, 3.shirt, 4.jeans,5. booties, 6. tote, 7. bracelet, 8. lipstick

Yesterday's post was about simplicity. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, it is said.
So, to show you that Leonardo's words can reffer to fashion, too, I decided to share an outfit that is simple, but still sophisticated.
When it comes to pieces of clothing and accessories, I tend to be attracted to big, bold, extravagant things, but sometimes it's best to remember that simple is way better.
These day I'm applying these words and keep things easy, but in style. 

What about you ? Do you like it simple or extravagant?

Dec 6, 2012


A quick reminder today: 

                                                                            via wordsoverpixels
Do you agree or disagree?